Anorak News | The ban on tasteless diners taking photos of their meals

The ban on tasteless diners taking photos of their meals

by | 24th, January 2013

EVER taken a photo of your meal and posted it to a social media site? No, not pictures of terrible food, like this RyanAir disaster. This is about those pictures of fine dining. Some eateries in the US have banned diners from photographing their dinners. Rebecca Jane Stokes is delighted:

I don’t like people taking photographs of their food at restaurants because it takes the food out of its context. Whatever people might say — and I’ve heard it so many times from so many diet proponents — food is inherently social. Do you need to have food around to have a good time with someone? No, of course not. But there is something primal and nourishing in sharing a meal with people you enjoy. Social interaction sustains us, so does ingesting food — and when both are of the highest quality in a place designed with respect for that, taking a quick pic with my iPhone feels like giving the entire event short shrift.

Who sane takes a picture of their dinner in a fancy restaurant and then publishes it as a news event? If you want to boast to the world about your great taste and riches, then it’s better to leave your social media ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ wondering about the delights. Mystery will only add to the allure. Showing off your pricey dinner just makes you look like a tasteless twat.

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