Anorak News | Nevada Rose: Inside the American Brothel: photos of the sex shops

Nevada Rose: Inside the American Brothel: photos of the sex shops

by | 24th, January 2013

WHAT’S it look like inside an American brothel? Marc McAndrews can answer that question without you having to visit one. He spent five years capturing 33 of Nevada’s brothels on camera. He’s published the images in a book, Nevada Rose: Inside the American Brothel. He says:

“I had all these preconceived ideas running around my head about what they were like and what went on inside a desert brothel … The women had final say if they wanted to sit for a portrait, and if they said ‘no’ that was that: no asking twice, no cajoling, no pressuring …  I approached the brothels the same way I would any other project or assignment, and when I photographed the women (or owners or customers, for that matter), I didn’t want to demonize them for what they did, but I was also careful not to glorify them. I think the fact that I became and remain friends with many of the women that work or have worked in the houses speaks to the honesty of the project.”

In another life,  writer not a million miles from here worked in London brothels. They looked like London flats, which they were – bijou apartments in the good locations rented out for the day while the owner was at work.

PS – Japanese brothels are peculiar, and look like this.


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