Anorak News | Australians showcase new national flag: the Stars and Stripes

Australians showcase new national flag: the Stars and Stripes

by | 26th, January 2013

AUSFLAG is the Australian pressure group calling for the land Down Under to wave a ne-style flag.

The group’s chairman, Robert Webster, says the Olympic Games in London showcased “what a confusing and embarrassing flag the Australian flag really is”.

Well, it was rarely seen.

“Australia entered the Olympic stadium with a defaced British ensign, along with a line up of other competitors who also had Union Jacks dominating their flags. But all those competitors, with the exception of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tuvalu (population 8000) are colonies of Great Britain, not independent countries. With the recent announcement that Fiji will change its flag, soon there will be only three nations out of 54 in the Commonwealth whose flags are still dominated by the Union Jack.”

So. They propose a new flag just for sports. The new banner looks like this (see below). Go you Stars and Stripes! How “embarassing”, as the Sydney Morning Herald is wont to put it (see picture above):

It should not be confused with the flag of the free and mighty Solomon Islands:




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