Anorak News | MPs consider ‘Don’t Come To Britain’ advertising campaign

MPs consider ‘Don’t Come To Britain’ advertising campaign

by | 28th, January 2013

IMMIGRATION is still a super hot topic amongst politicians and racists. And so, in a big to discourage migrants coming to Britain, some ministers have had a rather barking idea, which involves an advertising campaign which shows how rubbish Britain is.

The campaign will reportedly be tested out in Bulgaria and Romania, and will focus on the worst aspects of British life.

A report quoted a minister saying that these ads will help “correct the impression that the streets here are paved with gold”.

A Downing Street source said:

It is true that options are being looked at but we are not commenting on the specific things mentioned… as obviously it is an ongoing process and we will bring forward any proposals in due course.”

Of course, this ‘Britain Is Rubbish’ campaign is a huge leap away from the millions and millions of pounds spend of saying ‘Britain Is Ace’ which surrounded the London 2012 Olympic promotion. Either way, it is fascinating to wonder what could be included in such a commercial.

The awful weather is something that could be focused on, as indeed, is our generally hapless politicians themselves. Our fondness for beige food is something that could be shown as a negative or, indeed, you could argue that the advert has already been made by Channel 4’s Kavos programme.

Our crooked, brittle teeth, lousy xenophobic mainstream media and dreadful obsession with the weight of celebrities is another batch of rubbish British things.

What would you include?

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