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Anti-drone Stealth Wear: the anti-conformist hoodie

by | 29th, January 2013

ADAM Harvey has designed anti-drone Stealth Wear. Hoodies are useless, says Harvey:

Conformity is what surveillance wants and fashion is anti-conformist. And I think the decision to conform or not happens on a personal level. The projects I’ve been working on act upon surveillance in a way that exploits a vulnerability and makes this vulnerability accessible through using something ordinary (hair, makeup, or fashion) in a non-conformist and legal way.

Items include the anti-drone scarf:  “It is also inspired by the rationale behind the hijab, the veil which separates man or the world from God,’ replacing God with drone.”

The thermal visor is a more simple garment, and really only serves to hide the face from above. The UAV silhouette playfully acts as anti-camoflage, showing up as a sharp image in thermal photos.

 “I wanted to do a hoodie because it assumes that there is a high enough demand for anti-thermal imaging clothes that one would want to add style.”

And for all those unwelcome pap shots, there’s clutch bag.

The ‘Anti-Drone’ garments are designed with a metallized fabric that protects against thermal imaging surveillance, a technology used widely by UAVs/drones. The enhanced garments are lightweight, breathable, and safe to wear. They work by using highly metallized fibers to reflect heat, thereby masking the wearer’s thermal signature.


Wearing a hooded boob tune will stop people staring at you…



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