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Can Tobacco Make You Healthier?

by | 30th, January 2013

THE Sydney Morning Herald‘s Jessica Wright, (billed asfederal political correspondent for The Sunday Age and the Sun-Herald“) revealed an incredible plot to make smoking appear healthy:

A sister pro-tobacco lobbying organisation and corporate member of ALEC, the Heartland Institute, paid for Senator Bernardi’s accommodation and travel to the US on four separate occasions in 2010 and 2011. The institute recently ran a two-day conference in the US entitled “Can Tobacco Make You Healthier?’’

A tweeter replied:

]@mrtonymartin hopefully they conclude the answer is yes and eliminate themselves

Only, it was nonsense. The Heartland Institute responds:

Ms. Jessica Wright, a ‘political correspondent’ for Australia’s The Sunday Age and the Sun-Herald, mentions The Heartland Institute several times in a piece titled “Abbott’s man under fire over extreme right lobbying“ in the January 27 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald…

“Ms. Wright refers to The Heartland Institute as ‘a sister pro-tobacco lobbying organisation and corporate member of ALEC.’ We are not ‘pro-tobacco,’ though Heartland spokespersons frequently question whether sound science and economics justify sky-high taxes and punitive smoking bans. For accurate information about The Heartland Institute’s work on tobacco control policy, please visit our Web site page about ’Smoker’s Rights.’..

“Ms. Wright claims The Heartland Institute ‘recently ran a two-day conference in the US entitled “Can Tobacco Make You Healthier?” ‘ This is bizarre, inaccurate, and plainly intended to defame The Heartland Institute. The event she apparently is referring to was a 75-minute workshop titled ‘Can Tobacco Cure Smoking?’ which Heartland helped organize at ALEC’s annual meeting in Salt Lake City last year.

“The speaker, Prof. Brad Rodu, is one of the country’s (indeed, the world’s) leading authorities on the use of smokeless tobacco products to encourage smokers to smoke less or stop altogether. Given that message, it would be more accurate to say that Heartland sponsored a seminar on ‘how to stop smoking.’

Such are the facts…

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