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Loading the dice against happy groom Freddie Starr

by | 30th, January 2013

HOW’s that for a billing – “Freddie Starr is the “sex probe comic” on the Daily Mail’s front page? News is that Starr, 70, has married Sophie. He looks happy. She looks happy. The caption is more loaded that George Bush at a frat house party:

“Freddie Starr with his new young bride Sophie”

New? Young? How young is young? Sophie Lea is 31. Is that young?

Previously the Mail has told readers that thirty is not so young at all:

* Does memory loss really start in your thirties?
* What was that again?! Memory loss can start as early as your THIRTIES
* It may also be time to consider new things: you may suddenly see sex appeal in tailoring and feel a yearning for a classic cashmere coat.

The Mail adds:

Grinning broadly in all his wedding finery, Freddie Starr hardly looks like a man fighting allegations of sex abuse.

How should he look? Suicidal?

But just two months after being arrested on suspicion of molesting a schoolgirl the comedian has got married for the fifth time to his fourth wife, it has emerged.

Emerged. That word makes it sounds like Starr married in some furtive secret ceremony. The do was made public on Twitter, by one of the wedding guests. The Mail adds

In November, Starr was arrested by police investigating he molested a schoolgirl in disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile’s BBC dressing room.

He’s not been charged with any crime. He denies any wrongdoing.

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