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Men who do housework get less sex

by | 30th, January 2013

SEX. It is, unfathomably, still something of a thorny issue despite the fact it is as natural as (and only marginally less satisfying than) sneezing. Yet, people get funny talking about it. How much do you get? How long do you last? What sort of things do you get up to? Are you a swinger?

Either way, a study has revealed who isn’t getting any, and that’s married men who do lots of housework. That’s right. According to researchers, men who refuse to fit into gender roles by actually doing the menial stuff, get less of the good stuff from their wives.

And, according to the results of the research, they could get more rump and pump if they swap washing up for chopping wood… which is obviously a concern in the days of central heating and woodless fires (the latter, a neat metaphor for sexless relationships).

“Couples in which men participate more in housework typically done by women report having sex less frequently,” said Dr Sabino Kornrich, from the Juan March Institute in Madrid. “Similarly, couples in which men participate more in traditionally masculine tasks – such as yard work, paying bills, and auto maintenance – report higher sexual frequency.”

Dr Kornrich added that using traditional gender roles helps sexual desire and performance and that, in the month of the survey, men claimed to have had sex an average of 5.2 times and women 5.6 times.

“Wives’ reported satisfaction with their sex life has the same relationship to men’s participation in household labour as sexual frequency,” said Dr Kornrich. “Had satisfaction with sex been low, but frequency high, it might have suggested coercion. However, we didn’t find that.”

So, should men stop helping out around the house and start punching logs?

“Men who refuse to help around the house could increase conflict in their marriage and lower their wives’ marital satisfaction,” said Dr Kornrich. “Earlier research has found that women’s marital satisfaction is indeed linked to men’s participation in overall household labour, which encompasses tasks traditionally done by both men and women.”

In short: Have an affair.

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