Anorak News | Mario Balotelli’s agent ‘doesn’t give a f**k’

Mario Balotelli’s agent ‘doesn’t give a f**k’

by | 1st, February 2013

IN a division so devoid of any character, the departure of Mario Balotelli from the Premier League is a very sad one. Who can football fans look to now? Suarez? He’s not exactly loveable. Ryan Giggs? Even he managed to make shagging his brother’s girlfriend look dull.

So with that, Super Mario goes off to Milan, where the fans and press will have a fun time as the myths and truth get blurred and the man himself blows hot-and-cold on the pitch in a frustrating, thrilling manner.

And it seems that Team Balotelli was more than just the player as his agent has come out with some delightfully erratic behaviour too! Basically, in an interview with the English media, he kept it simple, saying he couldn’t “give a f**k” what everyone writes about his client.

Regarding the kiss-and-tell on Mario from model Tabby Brown, Balotelli was described as “sensitive, loving and, believe it or not, very shy”. So, when Balotelli’s agent Mino Raiola was asked about it all, he said:

“Listen I will tell you in English, okay? Because my English is very bad, okay? I never gave a f**k about what you wrote and I will not give a f**k now what you are writing. So I don’t give a f**k what you write or what you will write in the future.”

Ladies and gentlemen, that is one of the finest attitudes from the world of football you’ll ever, ever read. Disarmingly honest, colourful and much better than the usual trainee security guard borefests that we usually get from everyone surrounding The Beautiful Game.

Italy, enjoy the Balotelli Circus because there’s not many around in 2013.

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