Anorak News | LeBron James tackles fan after $75k half-court shot!

LeBron James tackles fan after $75k half-court shot!

by | 4th, February 2013

AS athletes go, they don’t get much more famous than LeBron James. With that, you’d expect him to be something of a professional bore like you see in the English Premier League. Not on your life. See, LeBron jumped all over a fan, while hooting and screaming in celebration.

And why?

Well, the lucky Miami Heat fan was swamped with athlete after he sunk a shot from the half-way line, bagging himself a whopping $75,000. LeBron couldn’t help but get caught up in the whole thing, leaping on the fan and rolling around with him on the floor.

Imagine what David Beckham’s tediously polite response would be.

And the lucky, now quite rich pup, was Michael Drysch who lobbed the ball like a fat, orange grenade during the interval at the end of the third quarter of the Heat’s 110-88 win over Detroit Pistons. It may have been an ugly looking shot, but he’s rich and got mobbed by a 6ft 8in NBA superstar.

LeBron James said: “When he wound up I was like, ‘Oh no, there’s no way’. When it dropped, that was awesome. I would have probably air-balled that one in that situation.”

And with that, Drysch became the first person ever to complete the ‘Half-Court Hero’ contest. What a brilliant, brilliant thing. And to think, the EPL has mascots mooning at pies during a raffle.

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