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Kyron Horman: police, justice and media collude to create a secret criminal case from thin air

by | 4th, February 2013
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WE still have no evidence of what happened to Kyron Horman, the seven-year-old who went missing from Skyline School in northwest Portland on June 4, 2010. We don’t know what crime befell him. We don’t know know it he was the victim of a crime.

The latest news is that lawyers working for Kyron father, Kaine Horman, have filed a motion to delay the divorce proceedings against his estranged wife, Kyron’s step-mother Terri Horman. Says Kaine Horman:

“There’s two civil cases pending right now, one from his mother and then the divorce case that we have that’s still pending and on hold. And that’s exactly how we’re going to progress. We need to bring him home.”

Where is home? Kaine and Terri have split. Is Kyron coming home to live with his father, his step-mother or his birth mother, Desiree Young? Kaine and Desiree blame Terri for Kyron’s vanishing. The accused says she’s innocent. The police have no leads. They’re looking for a confession. But police have never named a suspect in the case. The local media and Kyron’s birth parents have done the police’s dirty work. The result has been to subject Terri Horman to a voracious media feeding frenzy.

She was the last person known to have seen Kyron. Other than that, there are no more facts. The story has a single thread. Reporting has been prejudicial, some might call it a witch-hunt.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has no significant new evidence or potential evidence in the Kyron Horman disappearance?

The other case Kaine Horman referred to is the $10 million lawsuit filed by Kyron’s mother against Terri Horman, alleging she was involved in the boy’s disappearance.

In August 2010, we read:

Terri Horman’s lawyer, Peter Bunch, had urged the court to delay the case for at least two years and allow the criminal investigation to continue unimpeded. Bunch argued that his client would not be able to defend herself and the civil proceeding would “eviscerate” Terri Horman’s constitutional rights and threaten the grand jury process.

Young’s lawyer, Elden Rosenthal, objected to any delay, noting that more than two years have passed since Kyron disappeared without a criminal indictment issued.

The judge agreed that the lengthy passage of time without an indictment swayed his ruling to allow Young’s civil case to proceed.

Why does Kaine Horman want to delay the divorce? He says it’s to focus on the hunt for Kyron. His announcement might also be a way to raise the missing child’s profile in the media. But playing the media has, as yet, served no useful purpose. It has only titillated the reader and broadcast statements that in libel-rife Britain would have seen news outlets and Kyron’s natural parents censured.

Note: Kaine’s move has come around at the same time as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has posted Kyron’s age-progressed photos onto the Gordon Trucking fleet of trucks in Washington and Oregon.

As for Terri Horman, well, she has three attorneys: Mark Wagner is her Civil attorney; Peter Bunch is her Divorce attorney; and Stephen Houze is her Criminal Defense attorney. They each have different jobs. But surely Houze is in charge. Might it be that in a divorce court we will learn more of Kaine’s relationship with Kyron? Might we also learn why he was granted custody of Kyron and not Desiree? Their personalities would be under the microscope. So far, little is known about either. The media has been sympathetic to both. The inference is that police know more than has been revealed. But the police have failed, once spectacularly. All we know for sure is that Desiree Young is married to a cop. He too may find himself questioned under the spotlight.

Desiree Young has stated:

“We know that Terri blamed Kyron for her failing marriage and wanted him out of her life. She put that all in writing. She had a severe, severe hatred for Kyron.”

So. Why was Kyron not living with his mother, then?

And then there’s that civil case. In December 2012, the judge in the civil case (Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Henry Kantor) agreed with the Multnomah County District Attorney and the Sheriff to temporarily suspend the civil suit filed by Desiree Young against Terri Horman. The case was halted until August 2013.

Why? What changed? He was all for it in August.

Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk and Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton had requested the postponement.

Kantor wrote that he made his decision after conferring privately with attorneys for Desiree Young, attorneys for Kyron Horman’s stepmother Terri Moulton Horman, with state prosecutors and also with a witness in the case. His order does not identify the witness in the case.

Witness to what? No-one has been arrested. There are no named suspects. The word “witness” is more loaded that George Bush at a frat house party. 

“After this conference, the court concluded that no hearing was necessary and that the motion would be granted without further proceedings on the ground that allowing the case to proceed could impact an ongoing criminal investigation,” Kantor wrote.

What changed? No new evidence was made public.

Peter Bunch now steps forward. He commends to our attention that fact that Terri has been banned from seeing her and Kaine’s daughter Kiara. He says Kiara has been kept hostage from her mother based solely on hearsay and innuendo with nothing to back it up. Now on the front foot, he wants the DA to explain the decision.  The DA appears reluctant to do so – see documents on next page – link below.

A reader writes:

Peter is suggesting to Judge Kantor that a partial stay be considered so that the visitation and spousal support can be doled out and not worry about getting any information about the criminal investigation since it is apparent they won’t budge on that. Peter points out that Kaine initially wanted the divorce to be fast and furious and that it was of utmost important at that time that the divorce proceed. After over 2 years of abatements, multiple attempts to finalise the divorce outside of court and numerous suggestions from August 2010 to present for mother to see her child, it has fallen on deaf ears by father whose main agenda is to use the divorce case to circumvent the constitutional rights of mother to assist with the criminal investigation.

All alleged, of course.

Another writes:

Peter is asking the Judge to meet in the middle and grant a partial stay so that mother can see her daughter, that it is her parental right to do so and without any evidence, the father, ex-wife and law enforcement have worked in tandem to methodically destroy mother to 1) keep Kaine and Desiree from being deposed and revealing their skeletons, 2) to hide their failure in a multi-million dollar investigation and 3) continue to dirty the jury pool if the civil or criminal case ever sees the light of day.

Is judiciary playing games? And , if it is, how does that serve the missing child? The media has gunned for Terri Horman. But shine a courtroom light on the other players and the media gets a far juicier bone. The local Oregon media has been too tight with the local police. The nationals would not be able to pass-up a story in which Young and her policeman husband might be called upon to explain any links he has with local police.

And, then, what if the judiciary had been colluding to keep Terri away from her young daughter, using a toddler (Kiara is 4) to apply pressure on the only suspect?

A reader has the final note:

Bunch is asking for a protective order if the divorce is put in a partial stay. The reason being is so that Terri can give testimony during the divorce. Funny how people have said she has pleaded the 5th when she has not pleaded the 5th, ever.

The DA and MCSO are, allegedly, involved in today’s Court Hearing with Kaine. They point out Mr. Bunch has filed objections which will be heard at today’s hearing.

Meanwhile, Kyron Horman is missing…

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