Anorak News | Count the grammatical errors in Arizona teacher’s letter!

Count the grammatical errors in Arizona teacher’s letter!

by | 5th, February 2013

TEACHERS eh? We all know better than those idiots don’t we? We’ve met children and they’re idiots. So teachers have it easy, because they can tell them anything OR they’re to blame for children being a stupid as they are. And they get loads of holidays.

So, are there any teachers out there who can turn our opinion around?

Say hello to the teacher who gave a 5-year-old some homework which had so many grammatical errors in it, that it has gone viral online.

The assignment from an academy school in Arizona begins:

“This week’s Homework Challenge is to Practices Writing your home Address with your family,” and is signed off by “You’re Teachers”.

With the amount of errors we make on Anorak, we’d just like to offer our sympathies to the teacher in question, but underline that our readers are really smart and don’t need our help, so we’re not evil like those awful swine.

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