Anorak News | Betting insider lifts lid on football betting scam

Betting insider lifts lid on football betting scam

by | 5th, February 2013

SHADOWY goings on the world of football. And shadowy reporting to highlight the allegations that a Champions League game played in England in the last four years might have been rigged. In all, 380 matches are under suspicion, including World Cup and European Championship qualifiers.

Over in the Sun, an anonymous “industry insider” with in-depth knowledge of the racket tells readers:

“It costs you more to pay off a team than it does to buy a referee. It’s no coincidence that a lot of the match-fixing cases which have been proved have featured referees.”

A lot of match fixing cases feature referees. Well, yes. And players. They make up everyone allowed on the pitch during the match. And, yep, one ref might be cheaper to buy off than 22 players.

PS – Ballboys are, as yet, not implicated.


The insider said: “When Real Madrid play Manchester United in the Champions League next week, British bookies will take millions in bets. No one is suggesting that game will be fixed. But in the Far East, hundreds of millions will be staked on the game.

Population in UK:  62m. Population of Far East: around 2billion. Far East punters spend more gambling than Brits – shocker!


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