Anorak News | Carlise man banned from speaking to any lone woman for ten years

Carlise man banned from speaking to any lone woman for ten years

by | 6th, February 2013

DAVID David Delahunty has been banned from speaking to “any lone female not known to him in a public place” except in an emergency.

Carlisle Crown was unimpressed that the 56-year-old had approached a woman at a bus stop, falsely told her he had been released from prison where he’d been held for rape, called her a “bonnie lass”,  made sexual suggestions and then kissed her on the cheek as she boarded the bus.

Had Delahunty added a “now, then, now then, guys ‘n’ girls urgele-urgle-urgle”, he could have been mistaken for a Jimmy Savile tribute act.

Judge Paul Batty QC called it “an absolutely disgraceful episode”. The News & Star notes:

Now Delahunty, of Grasmere Street, Currock, Carlisle, could be arrested even if he merely says hello in any public place to any woman he does not know. 

This would presume that all women in the area know Delahunty, and are thus able to report the crime. They would know him, but he would not know them. It’s a situation Her Majesty the Queen and other famous faces encounter every day.

In court, Delahunty’s brief, Keith Thomas, said Delahunty had grown up in a big family in Liverpool where such “banter” was commonplace. 

“But he realises that can’t happen here. He realises this sort of inappropriate familiarity has to cease and that he should not talk to any woman he does not know.”

Such are the cultural mores in the English towns and cities. One man’s banter is another man’s sexual assault.

Judge Batty imposed a nine-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, ordered him to do 120 hours unpaid community service.

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