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Madeleine McCann: A jailed troll and police swab kids in New Zealand

by | 6th, February 2013

MADELEINE McCann is back in the news. Why? Well, the Daily Star has news:


It’s Tony Bennettt. Regular Anorak readers will know why comments on this story are not enabled.

Doctors Kate and Gerry McCann, both 44, claim Tony Bennett, 65, is in contempt of court for breaching promises that he would not repeat the allegations.

Bennett has accused Gerry and Kate McCann of covering up their daughter’s death.

(Why do we have to know that the McCanns are doctors?)

After a number of attempts to stop the harassment their solicitor Isabel Martorell told Mr Justice Tugendhat at the High Court in London: “Enough is enough.’’…

Mr Bennett told the judge the McCanns were powerless to stop others making the same allegations as him.

What allegations need is evidence to make them ring true. Mr Bennett has produced no evidence that proves the child is dead.

Of course, we have seen no proof that any crime befell Madeleine McCann. The story remains dangled by a single thread: the innocent child disappeared.

Over the Telegraph, more news:

Scotland Yard seeks DNA of New Zealand girl resembling Madeleine McCann

Come again? Scotland Yard want to swab an innocent child?

British police requested the sample after the latest reported sighting of McCann in New Zealand, nearly six years after she went missing while holidaying with her family in Portugal at the age of three.

But that girl wasn’t her. We were told so.

New Zealand Detective Sergeant Brian Camerson said then that police were “absolutely satisfied” the child seen on New Year’s Eve in the southern resort town of Queenstown was not Madeleine.

Move on. No need to subject the child to a State-supported cavity invasion. Only:

“Police will be sending a DNA profile to British police . . . to confirm the identity of a girl who has been mistaken for Madeleine by a member of the public,” Detective Senior Sergeant Kallum Croudis told the Southland Times.

The child has to prove her own identity to the police? Her parents have to prove they are not kidnappers or people who buy stolen children?

The DNA, requested by Scotland Yard, was given voluntarily to police, he said.

Well, if the parents see fit to help. Will every sighting result in a swab? Are all parents of children around the same of the media’s Our Maddie now under suspicion of being criminals? Is Scotland Yard to open a database?

The search for the missing child has so far only resulted in abuse, libel, ruined lives and fear.

She remains missing.


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