Anorak News | CCTV footage of disabled spot being painted around car while parked

CCTV footage of disabled spot being painted around car while parked

by | 6th, February 2013

GETTING a parking ticket or your car getting towed away is infuriating enough, but imagine if you’d parked legally and someone painted a disabled parking spot AROUND your car and then towed it away?

You’d be apoplectic with rage wouldn’t you?

Well, pretty appalling CCTV footage as appeared online showing exactly that, as Tel Aviv road workers tow away a lady’s vehicle after painting a disabled parking space around her car.

Hila Ben Baruch was then ordered to pay 1,000 NIS (£170) and further towing costs on top of all that. Angering her further, she found surveillance footage of the incident and posted it on Facebook.

“You just see it and can’t believe it,” she wrote, adding “while my car was parked in a [legal] blue-and-white spot, two municipal workers came by and signposted it as handicapped parking!”

“In a heartbeat they repainted the curb, from blue and white to grey. Within five minutes they turned me into a criminal. But who cares? The important thing is that Tel Aviv sucked some more blood.”

Ms Ben Baruch ultimately received an apology from local officials who admitted they’d made a “serious error” and tore her fine up. Alas, this isn’t enough for the woman in question who added: “I don’t plan to keep quiet, not even for a moment, or to rest or to calm down! I will initiate legal proceedings over the injustice and the mental distress, but more than anything over your offenses.”

“And I call on anyone reading this post to pass it on, not to remain silent if something similar happened to you, simply not to despair.”

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