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John Redwood Does Sarcasm

by | 6th, February 2013

JOHN Redwood can be sarcastic:

The top 1% took home 11.2% of the nation’s net income under unequal Labour in 2009-10, and a much lower 7% this year under the much more equal Coalition. This fall goes all the way down through the top half of earners. The top 50% received  75% of total net income in 2009-10, and only 60% this year. Meanwhile the bottom half receives a bigger share of the income than at any time this century.

All those who wanted a more equal society should rejoice. Indeed, they should be voting for Coalition parties out of gratitude. The Coalition has done something Labour was quite unable to do during its period in office, when the UK became less equal.

The thing is though what he’s saying there is absolutely true. The UK has become less unequal in the past few years. Which poses something of a problem for those who insist that it’s inequality, not the level of income, which makes everyone unhappy. For I’ve certainly not noticed any increase in happiness as this inequality falls.

I would go further too: for those who now insist that, well doh!, people are losing their jobs, incomes are going down, of course that makes them unhappy. I’d even agree with them. But if you want to use that argument now then you’re not allowed to switch in a few years time. Not allowed to, once growth resumes, then insist loudly that actually it’s inequality that matters.

Because you’ve already admitted now that it isn’t, see?

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