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Hessian is the off-the-peg brand

by | 8th, February 2013

CAN you sell nothing? Can you sell HessianBen Pieratt think you might. He’s taken the word Hessian and created it into a thing of desire. You can buy it. What is it? It is:

Hessian is an invader, an ode, a brand in waiting, a pitch to the market.

As a newborn idea, Hessian is aggressive and experimental. Its only conduit the working mind of designer Ben Pieratt, it fights for life by building meme-hooks through studies in contrasts, nostalgia, repetition and confusion. The Hessian could be a restaurant, a start-up, a clothing brand or more.

Like any great brand, Hessian is for sale. The current asking price is $18,000.

This sale includes :

Twitter account
Tumblr account
20+ logo & other designs
10+ t-shirt designs
8 repeating patterns
1 website theme
1 app user interface theme
5 app icons
Brand book w/ guiding principles
30 hours custom design time (for transitioning the brand to buyer’s needs)
All inquiries please email:

The site includes some ideas of what Hessian could be.

It might be a parody…

Spotter: Kottke


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