Anorak News | Waiting for Paul Gascoigne to die: The Sun plumbs the depths

Waiting for Paul Gascoigne to die: The Sun plumbs the depths

by | 10th, February 2013

PAUL Gascoigne is unwell. The Sun has been tracking the former Newcastle United, Spurs, Lazio, Rangers and Everton footballer’s illness with a series of front-page shockers:

“GAZA IN LAST CHANCE SALOON” – February 6, 2013 (front page)

Never let a man’s horrible alcoholism get in the way of a good pun.

That was preceeded by the news that Chris Evans, Piers Morgan, Ronnie Irani and Gary Lineker were funding Gaza’s treatment in the US:

EVANS SENT” – February 5, 2013 (front page)

Today the Sun leads with the front-page news: “GAZA Fights for Life.

Football legend Gazza ‘close to death’

You may wonder why a man’s health is a public matter?

A source close to the star revealed the tragic development last night. He said: “Gazza’s in a bad way. He’s much worse than he was and desperately needs help. “He’s had really bad withdrawal symptoms relating to not drinking since arriving at the clinic. His internal organs are shutting down and he’s in intensive care — it’s a potentially life-threatening situation. If he doesn’t receive the best treatment from doctors he could die.”

The Sun then recalls one of Gascoigne’s more recent appearances in public:

The star sobbed, trembled uncontrollably and unleashed a torrent of swear words in front of dinner guests at a Northampton hotel. Audience members said the appearance had “the atmosphere of a funeral”. One said: “It was like watching him die in front of our eyes.”

Nice, eh. Gascoigne is not well. He is in a private hospital in the US. Why in America? Well, they are champions of the therapy industries. And it’s long way from prying eyes. Or so you’d hope…

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