Anorak News | Mansfield Town owner gives manager second-hand cars as win bonus: Carolyn Radford approves

Mansfield Town owner gives manager second-hand cars as win bonus: Carolyn Radford approves

by | 10th, February 2013

JOHN Radford owns Mansfield FC. He’s given his Aston Martin to the club’s manager, Paul Cox. It’s reward for Mansfield tonking Barrow 8-1 last Saturday in the Conference Premier League. Last March, Mansfield beat Barrow 7-0. Radford had asked his team to improve on that.

He tells BBC Radio Five Live:

“It’s worth a bob or two. It’s my old Aston Martin so it’s not brand new. It’s a couple of years old. You have these things and you’ve got to give people targets and things like that, so he fancied the car and I thought I’m about ready for a change and he did the job.”

The second-hand motor’s worth around £70,000. It sports the number plate MT51 COX.

Cox responded with surprise:

“I didn’t really take him at face value when we was talking but to be fair to the man he’s a top guy and when he did it, it was unbelievable. I love cars. I think every man does, don’t they, but it’s the football that motivates me.”

Radford, 46, made his fortune with One Call Group, which now employs over 200 people and has a turnover of £50million. He made his name in the papers by marrying the club’s 30-year-old chief executive, Carolyn Still.

She made her own deal with lucky Cox. He’d planned to marry his lover in the summer. But when Mansfield beat fellow Conference Premier club Lincoln City in the FA Cup second round to earn a home tie with Liverpool, the wedding was brought forward. Radford said:

“Two birds with one stone. It [the wedding] was kind of like a bet, well not a bet, as they were always going to be married, but we brought it forward. We’ve got a marquee being put up so we are going to utilize it for both events!”

The new Mrs Radford vehemently denies claims that that while a student she supplemented her income by working for an escort agency. In 2011, the Sun reported:

A WOMAN who became the youngest boss of an English football club used to be an ESCORT, The Sun can reveal. Glamorous Carolyn Still, 29, enjoyed steamy dates with scores of male punters before landing the top job at Mansfield Town FC. Carolyn was on the books of two sexy agencies and was said to have “met men at different times of day and night”.

She was made chief executive of the Nottinghamshire club last week after striking up a friendship with club chairman John Radford, 45, who offered her a job…

Carolyn, believed to be originally from Lancashire, is thought to have been first lured into escorting as a politics student almost ten years ago.

She was lured into enjoying herself? Such is the Sun’s odd attitude to a woman, allegedly, using her sexuality for gain. (See the Sun’s Page, the porn broadcast on The Sky satellite network and racey adverts in the paper for “quickie relief” phone chat lines. In the tabloid’s frenzied view on womanhood, women are willing victims.

She signed up with an agency called Lucy Brookes, posing for raunchy internet photos as “Luella”. The money she earned is believed to have gone to pay off debts and she later headed to London to work as an account manager for top fashion labels Bulgari and Gucci. Later she moved back to Leeds — where she had worked previously — and held a job with crisp makers Seabrook’s before returning to escorting in 2009.

Sources revealed she signed up with another agency, McKenzie’s, one of the biggest in Britain. This time she worked under the name “Brooke” and received rave reviews from punters who hired her for hours at a time. Last night the shocked soccer executive did not deny our story when we put it to her. Instead she told The Sun: “I haven’t had a hunky-dory life at all. I don’t even know what to say. For me, it’s just very overwhelming.

Good for her. If true, working in the meat tread will set her up well for a life in football.  The Sun omitted to mention that Still is a politics graduate from the University of Durham. But to the tabloids she’s a figure of ridicule. This from the Mirror’s Braine Reade:

“I want to wake sleeping fans with a lot of different initiatives by liaising with them and finding out what they want,” said Mansfield’s new CEO. A statement most fans would normally view as a pre-amble to increased ticket prices before threatening to flee the ground in their droves. However when the CEO is 29-year-old Carolyn Still and looks like this, I’m guessing Mansfield may actually see their attendances swelling. In line with the swelling induced by male fans thinking about being woken up by Carolyn and offered one of her “initiatives.”

Va-va-voom, as Cox might day…

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