Anorak News | The self-promoting Sun adopts ‘dying’ Paul Gascoigne as a cause: England ‘legend’ up and walking

The self-promoting Sun adopts ‘dying’ Paul Gascoigne as a cause: England ‘legend’ up and walking

by | 11th, February 2013

PAUL Gascoigne is getting the full treatment on the Sun’s front page. For the fourth day in a week, the former Spurs, Newcastle United, Lazio, Everton, Middlesbrough, Rangers, Burnley, Gansu Tianma (China) and Boston United player’s “REHAB FIGHT” is the lead story. Today the “LEGEND” is being treated by Arsenal star Jack Wilshere – he’s donated £5,000 to the Gazza fighting fund. Says Jack: “I want to do anything I can.”

Wilshere joins Chris Evans, Gary Lineker, Piers Morgan and Ronnie Irani is being high-profile donors to the Gazza cause. TalkSport presenter Irani’s giving made it onto the TalkSport news bulletins. Is charity about giving or self-promotion? For the Sun it’s very much a case for the latter – the paper is advocating “CHIP IN FOR GAZA”, the words illustrating a pin-sized photo of the player in his England pomp, all underscored with the “THE SUN” branding.

As for the state of Gascoinge’s health, well, yesterday the Sun was fill of news of his impending “funeral“. One day on, “Sun Doctor” Carol Cooper analyses Gazza from her desk in Wapping (the player is in Arizona). She says it’s “unlikley Paul is suffering from withdrawal“. Ofdd. One day earlier, the Sun unnamed “source” had noted:

“He’s had really bad withdrawal symptoms relating to not drinking since arriving at the clinic. His internal organs are shutting down and he’s in intensive care — it’s a potentially life-threatening situation. If he doesn’t receive the best treatment from doctors he could die.”

This is tough on Gaza’s loved ones relying on the Sun for health news. But over in the Mail, there is hope:

“Gazza in hospital but out of danger.”

We learn that there are “no fears for his life“. Paul Gascoigne is “up and walking”.

Good news. If Gazza dies, what will the hacks have to write about on a slow news day?

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