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Take Me Out: The fall and wardrobe malfunction

by | 11th, February 2013

YOU bright sparks inevitably didn’t watch Take Me Out on Saturday, preferring to drink claret and read Chaucer or something, followed by a vibrant dinner party of quail eggs and gout. However, scum like us rolled around in TV muck so you didn’t have to and, by jove, a marvellous thing happened on the dating gameshow.

For those who haven’t seen Take Me Out, it is essentially Blind Date writ large. It is the human equivalent of animal husbandry with Paddy McGuinness as ringleader. A procession of men appear in a ‘love lift’ and try and impress a variety of woman with anecdotes and haircuts.

Sadly, one of the ladies on the show started the show in the worst possible manner.

Emma Walton, while making her entrance on Saturday’s show with the rest of the ladies, noticed that her brain had stopped talking to her legs and promptly fell down a flight of stairs. If You’ve Been Framed has taught us anything, people falling over will never not be funny.

And haul arse she did, shrieking “WHY ME!” like she’s Mario Balotelli… and it got worse for her.

McGuinness quickly ran to her aid, picking her up and carrying her to her spot. However, in doing so, he flashed her nether-regions in the process and one worrying ITV cameraman decided to aim his lens right up her.

Mercifully, Emma wasn’t hurt in the fall (which means we can all laugh, guilt free), but sadly, Twitter is still alive with people calling all the contestants ‘slags’, despite the fact the rest of us live in 2013.

Watch the video here, through your fingers

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