Anorak News | Can bankrupt Martine McCutheon rely on her friends for a whip round?

Can bankrupt Martine McCutheon rely on her friends for a whip round?

by | 12th, February 2013

MARTINE McCutcheon, aka EastEnders‘ Tiffany Mitchell and Martine Kimberley Sherri Ponting, of Esher, Surrey, has been declared bankrupt. Her “largest creditor” is Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

Last time we spotted Martine she was enthusing about how careful her tummy is on Activa and talking up her novel, The Mistress. Time to revisit that tome:

Mandy loved her home in the basement of a grand stucco property in Queensgate, South Kensington. As she walked into the entrance she checked herself out in the mirror. She felt good, more confident than she had expected to at this turning point in her life. She reached for her lip brush and added one final coat of luscious gloss. She cleaned any remaining stains off her teeth with her tongue and smiled at herself in the mirror. Her hair was dark as ebony and it fell in shiny waves over her shoulders; her skin was flawless, even and gleaming, her long dark lashes framing her beautiful big brown eyes perfectly. Her lower lip was fuller than the top and when she smiled she lit up the room. She grabbed her keys and her clutch bag and quickly squirted some perfume.

She grabbed her slightly sodden copy of Grazia again and headed out of her heavy black door, pulling it shut by its knocker.

‘Ready, darlin’?’ said the cabby with a twinkle in his eye – he clearly found Mandy attractive.

Still, at last Martine has her friends. As the Sun reported:

Martine McCutcheon is evil, nasty, vindictive – I wouldn’t go to her wedding if paid a million dollars – Says Kim Crawford, her best mate for 14 years

Time for Tiffany to rise from the grave and return to the soap that made Martine famous..? 

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