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Pssst! Want to see what Jon Venables looks like now?

by | 14th, February 2013

WHAT utter fool published a photo of one of James Bulger’s killers, Jon Venables, online?

There is a worldwide ban on publishing anything revealing Venables’ current identity.

Of course, the powers that be can’t say for certain that it is Venables. But the photo is of somebody. If it’s not him, that who would want to be that person? And if it isn’t him, Venables will need yet another new identity and possibly a new face should he ever be released from prison. That will cost.

A selection of reactions on Twitter:


Zac ‏@Zaka_No_7 – Hope this picture of Jon Venables is real & he gets done in. Deserves a slow & painful death. Not £100,000 a year of tax to keep him alive!

Ronnie ‏@RonnieLeiigh I hope somebody leaves Jon Venables on a train track, alive, with paint in his eyes and having been beat across the head with an iron bar.
James Moorhouse ‏@FromBellToBell – What’s sickening is the person who posted that pic of JonVenables will go to prison while that murderer walks free
James Bulger was two when he was murdered on 12 February 1993. Thompson and Venables were 10.
Laurence Lee represented Jon Venables. He recalls:

“The vast majority of Liverpool children probably had a worse upbringing than Venables. Thompson was the Pied Piper. Venables was transfixed by him. On the day they took James, Venables had been planning to go into school and pick up the class gerbils to look after during half-term. Thompson told him ‘Sod the gerbils, let’s go robbing’.

“They committed the most evil of acts but I said to Venables ‘If you were born in Las Vegas you would probably have ended up in the film industry’. I think it depends on circumstances as well as make-up. It’s about nature and nurture. Venables was brought up well, but he must have had a mental quirk. And it must also have been about the chemistry of the two of them together.”

As for himself, Mr Lee says: “Twenty years on I find it more difficult to believe I could have taken on the case – now that I’ve got three children.

“Once the case was over I had nightmares that I was being run over by a train. No case could tempt me back into court – until the bank manager phoned up and said ‘You’d better do some work’.”


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