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Is Madeleine McCann in Ukraine? No – but her posters are

by | 15th, February 2013

MADELEINE McCann was not in New Zealand. The DNA taken from an innocent child in New Zealand proved that she was not stolen by her parents. Kiwi police then told media:

“Given that there is conclusive evidence that their daughter is not Madeleine McCann and has no connection to Madeleine McCann, it is only right that she and her family are entitled to a level of privacy that most of us enjoy.”

Blimey! They needed to prove their child was theirs. Nice.

So. Where is Our Maddie?

The Daily Mirror has more news:

A charity searching for lost children in Moscow and Kiev said it had been asked by a source close to the McCanns to investigate


The hunt for Madeleine McCann is switching to Russia and Ukraine at the request of her family, it was claimed yesterday.

Why? Has she been spotted there?

Posters have been produced in Russian and yesterday the country’s largest news website, Life News, ran a story on her disappearance.

Why? Has she been spotted there?

A charity worker said: “A close friend of Madeleine McCann’s family contacted us and asked us to look for her in Russia and Ukraine.”


A source in Moscow added: “As I understand it, the family has more hopes for Ukraine but I don’t know any details.”

So. No reason why, then?

“We are ready to post information on our websites and social network groups plus we are ready to distribute the posters in the Russian language. Missing children is our job.”

The McCann website is in English, Portuguese, Spanish and German. Not Russian.

Such are the facts…

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