Anorak News | Man jailed for commenting on Robert Mugabe’s genitals

Man jailed for commenting on Robert Mugabe’s genitals

by | 15th, February 2013

TO Zimbabwe, where Clemence Zikhali has been convicted of making derogatory remarks about Mugabe’s private parts.

Zikhali got into a row with a Zanu Patriotic Front supporter. In the exchange, Zikhali made acomment about Mugabe’s knob. The ZPF member reported him to the department for the protection of Mugabe’s genitals. And Zikhali got six months prison.

It is an offence under Zimbabwe’s laws to undermine or insult the oversensitive Mugabe. But it;s nto about him. It’s about standards. Tendai Biti, Morgan Tsvangirai’s second-in-command, said of Mugabe:

“When you have private meetings with Robert Mugabe, as I have, you are actually shocked that there’s no connection between this typical British gentleman — well-dressed and well-spoken — that you talk to, who doesn’t get flustered and so forth, and everything else that some of us have been fighting throughout our entire lives. He’s like a British gentleman in a proper Victorian sense.”

Of course. Good manners – the ability to say the right and proper thing –  are the surest sign that you are in the company of a rogue:


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