Anorak News | Oscar Pistorius murder: steroids and the Devil made him do it

Oscar Pistorius murder: steroids and the Devil made him do it

by | 18th, February 2013

OSCAR Pistorius murder trial: If it bleeds it leads. The Sun and Mirror lead with the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. The Mirror shares with its readers the thoughts of Reeva’s mother, June Steenkamp, 66:


Pistorius has not been convicted of any crime. He’s yet to stand trial. After the loaded headline, we hear from the mother who has lost a child:

The mum of the model shot dead by Oscar Pistorius wept yesterday: “Why would he kill my angel?”

Distraught June Steenkamp, 66, spoke out as it was revealed her daughter Reeva’s skull had been crushed – and a bloodied cricket bat was found at the scene in Pistorius’ luxury home in Pretoria, South Africa, after the horror on Valentine’s Day.

Speaking publicly for the first time since the disabled Olympic and Paralympic Blade Runner athlete was charged with murder, mother-of-three June sobbed uncontrollably as she described 29-year-old Reeva as “the most beautiful person in the world”.

Oscar Pistorius denies murder. Says June:

“She was our golden angel and had so much love to give. I don’t understand… I just don’t understand. I don’t know why this has happened. What for? Why would he do it?”

The Sun prefers to go with a theory of why it happened.


He shot her with steroids?

BANNED steroid drugs were found in Oscar Pistorius’s house after he shot dead lover Reeva Steenkamp… Cops are now probing a theory that Pistorius may have blasted Reeva in an explosion of fury caused by the performance-boosting steroids.

They are investigating whether murder suspect Pistorius was in the grip of “roid rage” — a side-effect of high doses of the outlawed drugs.

How can they investigate if he was suffering form roid-rage? How does that investigation work, then? The Sun wheels forth Carol Cooper, a doctor who has never treated Pistorius:

THERE are a number of problems connected with taking the kind of steroids that are banned in sport. Anabolic steroids are nothing like those prescribed for asthma or eczema and can seriously damage your mental and physical health. They are often taken to build up muscle, but they can also affect the brain — increasing irritability and reducing concentration.

They also affect mood. Lots of people who take them become unnaturally aggressive — known as Roid Rage.

Having a competitive outlook is essential for athletes, but steroids can take you way beyond that, with aggression and violence spilling over into everyday life. Liver damage is another risk.

We can report that his liver is OK.

Neil Millard delivers: “Monsters’ evil fuelled by deadly addiction”

A STRING of killers have claimed a life after their aggression was fuelled by taking steroids.

Killers claim the drugs made them do it! Isn’t evil the work of the Devil?

What about that cricket bat found at the Pistorius home? The Sun:

A blood-stained cricket bat was found at the home in Pretoria, South Africa — and Reeva, 29, appeared to have skull “crush injuries”. Tests will establish whether she was injured by the bat before being shot. Police will also examine the theory she used the bat to defend herself or that Pistorius used it to smash his way into the bathroom.

The Mirror reports:

Distraught June Steenkamp, 66, spoke out as it was revealed her daughter Reeva’s skull had been crushed

As the two red-tops jail Pistorius and toss away the key, the Times wonders about other cricketing theories:

South Africa police were investigating the possibility that a bloodstained cricket bat found in Mr Pistorius’ home was used either to assault the model, to break down the door to the bathroom where they believe she was hiding, or to defend herself.

Or something else entirely. Bu with forensics that should be easy enough to prove.

South Africa’s City Press on Sunday reported that police found a bloodied cricket bat at his house.“There was lots of blood on the bat,” one source told the paper. The idea that her skull as “crushed” comes from that unnamed source. News travels fast.

Is anyone on Oscar Pistorius’s side? Afrikaans newspaper Beeld cites a “source” that says the bat was not used to hurt Reeva.

The paper quotes Pistorius’s father, Henke:

Henke also railed about the way South Africans a ” destroy national icon “. “There is something fundamentally wrong with our society. We build people who have overcome great challenges as heroes, only to break down with great joy. “I want to say this: We are realists, not mad. It will not be easy, but Oscar is strong above his years. “

Who else is on the runner’s team?
Kenny Oldwage, Pistorius’s attorney, told Beeld said the family already investigating team started compilation, but would not elaborate on who it is. he and Adv. Barry Roux SC will be assisted by another a top pathologist Dr. Reggie Perumal, and other experts. Stuart Higgins, a British spin doctor for including British Airways, swimmer Mark Foster and the Manchester United soccer team, will handle media relations.
Relations handled:
Oscar Pistorius gets overwhelming international support after he Valentine was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. This is the message that Peet van Zyl, Pistorius’s agent, told him transferred during his visit to the Brooklyn police station where Pistorius currently detained. 
More spin and speculation to follow…

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