Anorak News | Daily Express describes itself as a salty ‘fascist’

Daily Express describes itself as a salty ‘fascist’

by | 18th, February 2013

YOU’RE eating too much salt. You’re not eating too much salt. The Daily Express has both angles covered:

July 6 2011: the “health fascists” are undone:

Salt is safe to eat – and cutting our daily intake does nothing to lower the risk of suffering from heart disease, research shows. For years, doctors have been telling us that too much salt is bad and official NHS guidance aims to speed up new measures to control how much we eat. But now a study, using more data than ever before, shows although blood pressure reduced when salt intake was cut, this had no long-term health benefits.

Fascists say salt is bad for you. Fascist like…the Daily Express, which led on February 12 with the news:





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