Anorak News | At Washington’s Forward On Climate rally with the comedic genius of Mimi

At Washington’s Forward On Climate rally with the comedic genius of Mimi

by | 19th, February 2013

TO Washington DC for the Forward On Climate rally. Writing at the Daily KosMimi reports:

Well …. it was icy cold, very windy and I admit it, I almost didn’t go.

It’s February in DC:

At five pm on Saturday, I didn’t have a sign yet. If I hadn’t made a comment on dailykos about being at the rally, I would have quit. No sign, no rally. But after some back and forth, I started to fall in love with making one and ended up wanting to show it at the rally.

That turned out to be minor disaster.

I have a little camera that makes photos and videos, a Canon Rebel EOS T2i, which I use very seldom. I am no photographing enthusiast, so … I just get sometimes an itch to document something, I wouldn’t find the way I want it somewhere else.

Thanks to electronica, the climate change revolution will be recorded.

My experience from former rallies was that without a tripod I can’t take decent videos. But with a tripod you are lost in the crowd, if you are not a professional. So this time I took a one-legged tripod, but then I had my sign. How to carry the sign, the tripod with the camera and a mike and manipulate the camera’s buttons all at the same time, especially, if it is so cold that I had to wear thick ski-gloves, was just beyond me.

The wind blew my sign away and I had to chase it, so just visualize me (pretty out of shape and not the youngest) squeezing my sign between my legs, holding my hood over my head in the wind, cover my face with a scarf, bumping with my backpack into other people’s faces and trying to zig-zag throug the cracks of the crowd to get closer to the stage.

I couldn’t move one bit. In front of me nothing but the back-sides of huge men. Holding up my camera high enough and not shake was just impossible. My whole body was shivering, my heart sank, what a disaster. And on top of that – same thing as in November of last year’s Do-The-Math rally, my battery died. Back then I gave up to post anything.

This is my sign, it was too small, but with that kind of language, may be it was good that way. It says what I think though, and what I like my environment to look like … flowery and with butterflies.

I have some photos, but unfortunately no videos yet. Anyhow they are terribly shaky, but there are some clips I would have loved to post, but they take six to eight hours to load and it just not ready…

Gaia sighs…


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