Anorak News | Man literally blows up after winning lottery

Man literally blows up after winning lottery

by | 19th, February 2013

WINNING the lottery must be beyond any comprehension of what excitement means. One minute, you have all this stuff to do… endless stuff… stuff that goes on and on and on… and then WHAP! Suddenly, the only thing you have to do is get blind drunk and spend loads of money on brilliant things like houses, cars, Farah slacks made from gold and a zebra butler.

You’d be forgiven if you figuratively exploded with excitement.

But what about the guy who literally exploded? Welcome to the two brothers who bagged $75,000 as a Kansas lottery prize who ended up blowing themselves up in all the giddiness.

Oddly, this mishap occurred when one of the celebrating pair went to re-top butane torches that were being used as lighters for their bongs, according to police. They didn’t dash to the nearest shop for fancy cigars, lighters and expensive booze… they decided to get haplessly stoned.

Alas, while emptying the lighter fluid there was a leakage of butane and once the vapour touched the furnace light an explosion was caused.

“He emptied a couple of big cans of butane lighter fluid during this, leaking butane into the air,” Sgt Bruce Watts told the Wichita Eagle. “The butane vapour cloud reach a pilot light in the furnace and as you might expect – kaboom!”

One of these unfortunates was whisked off to hospital and suffered second-degree burns, but at least he can afford his health care now, eh? The other brother is clearly hoping that there are some winnings left over after the burns and pride have been swabbed up.

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