Anorak News | Arsenal: did the fans really boo them off? The experts can’t agree

Arsenal: did the fans really boo them off? The experts can’t agree

by | 20th, February 2013

ARSENAL lost to Bayern Munich in the Champions League. So bad was the defeat that even the hoardings started to troll the Gunners. So bad was it that the Sun’s Steve Howard spotted Gunners fans starting to leave “after just 19 minutes“. Really?

He asks:

And who could blame them?

You can do what you want. But anyone who spends 60-odd quid to watch a Champions League match between Arsenal and a stella Bayern team should have cared to hang around for longer. If there is one thing a fan knows, it’s not over until it is over. But Howard knows better:

Already two goals down and with three players booked, Arsenal had effectively committed suicide.

Er. no. Arsenal were two goals down after 21 minutes.

Howard notes the opinion of one fan:

Glancing over his shoulder, one red-faced punter exploded: “Two thousand quid a season to watch this c**p? They must think we’re idiots.”

That fan must be delighted to have earned a mention. I’ve been a football reporter. The fans around you love to glance over their shoulders and tell you things. I was once told that Lee Dixon was shagging my missus. I decided to leave it out of my match report.

In the Daily Mirror, John Cross was also listening to the fans:

“It is not enough anymore for Gunners fans who booed them off at half-time.”

The Daily Telegraph’s Henry Winter cocked an ear:

“Arsenal fans remained restrained at the break, the main boos directed at the referee, Svein Moen.”

The Mail, Dan Ripely notes:

“A mixture of reactions at the half-time whistle. First there is a loud chorus of boos from the home fans but then a spontaneous burst of ‘come on Arsenal’.”

If you listen at a football match, you can hear all sorts of stuff. My favourite was the Crystal Palace fan who used to call out in the style of a 1950s cartoon strip, things like: “I say, referee, your continuing peeping of that pea shooter is most unacceptable.”

Arsenal fans are not the most monocular bunch. At the game last night I heard one turn to another and start a debate on the state of the euro. Another asked who was the most successful bald manager.

There’s a news column in that. Discuss.

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