Anorak News | Heather Frost: Could Tewkesbury Queen borrow Rebekah Brooks’ police horse?

Heather Frost: Could Tewkesbury Queen borrow Rebekah Brooks’ police horse?

by | 20th, February 2013

HEATHER Frost, the Sun’s “dole Queen, might move into a custom-built six-bedroom council “mansion” in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

(It’s 1,850 square feet and not liable for any forthcoming mansion tax – mansions are now deemed to be properties worth over £2m.)

The Sun leads with the news that Frost owns a horse. Indeed, don’t we all. Horses are the meaty pets of the poor. Old Mr Anorak’s was delivered this morning in cardboard box and smeared in ketchup. Heather Frost doesn’t own a horse. She owns ‘raw food’.

Of course what Frost should do appease the Sun is not to own a horse outright – bought fair and square – rather, she must borow a horse, like David Cameron did from former Sun supremo Rekbekah Brooks, whose horse Raisa was lent to her by Scotland Yard. The rich borrow. The poor buy. Those sad bastards. Says the Sun on its front page:

Mum of 11 dole queen owns a horse… and she wants to buy 2 more

James Beal writes:

Heather bought a grey mare called Annie as a present for one of her kids last year.

(Oi! That’s Queen Heather to you, chum.)

She pays paddock fees, feed and vet bills every month — all at taxpayers’ expense. Stable hands reckon the cost of keeping the animal is a whopping £200 a month.

Since when has what stable hands reckon been reported fact?

Beal says “she currently pays £65 a month in paddock fees”.

He also says:

The mum of 11, whose council is building her a £400,000 palace in Tewkesbury, Gloucs, wants two more £200-a-month nags.

But they don’t cost £200-a-month. Beals also says one horse costs £65-a-month.

This nonsense is followed by another Sun shocker:

DOLE Queen Heather Frost has said she might not even want the custom-built £400,000 six-bedroom council house that is being built for her and her eleven children.

The Sun notived that Queen Heather had been on ITV’s Daybreak show.

She was there to “justify her lavish lifestyle — including owning a horse — while claiming benefits.”

Maybe she was on telly with her daughter to earn a few quid in appearance money? She might yet sell her story.

And the Sun needs to define “lavish“. HRHQueen Heather lives in two small houses with joined by a single interior door. She lives with 11 children, 2 gradnchildren and her partner. She says:

“With the hassle that I’m getting at the moment, I’m 50/50 if I’m going to take it. Everyone knows where it is now and I’m not moving in there and having my kids being picked on all the time. I didn’t beg for this house, it was offered to me…. The house that I’m in at the moment is temporary accommodation, so I have to move out of it eventually. And the council bought the plot of land and that was their plan then – to build a house big enough for a six bedroom house to be put there.”

And that luxury ride, aka a horse? Daughter Angel said:

“The horse is mine I got given it from a friend just living around the corner. I paid for it, I pay rent, I pay food, my mum doesn’t help pay a penny towards it.”

Such are the facts…


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