Anorak News | Moustache transplants give men ‘the air of a tiger’

Moustache transplants give men ‘the air of a tiger’

by | 21st, February 2013

“HAVING a moustache was always a big thing, ever since the Ottoman time. Most Arab leaders have moostache, or some form of facial hair. I think culturally it suggests masculinity, wisdom and experience.”So says one Saudi Arabia-based journalist about the fashion for moustache transplants.

Dr Selhattin Tulunay runs a moustache-replacement service in Istanbul. He performs 50 to 60 mouschache transplants a month.

“For some men who look young and junior, they think (a moustache) is a must to look senior… more professional and wise. They think it is prestigious. They have some celebrities as role models, like Turkish singer and actor Ibrahim Tatlises. Politicians think a moustanche will boost their appeal to voters.”

Tulunay uses follicular unit extraction. He takes hair from areas of dense hair growth and implants them above the patient’s upper lip. Patiens must not shave for 15 days. In six months, they will sport a luxuriant moustache. As for style, know that in Turkey different styles of moustache carry their own political nuances.

“Moustaches with drooping sides signify a conservative, nationalist bent, left-wingers favoor moustaches like Stalin, while a political religious moustache is carefully groomed, with cleanliness as its guiding principle.”

Says one patient:

“My wife says I look better although she does not know I have had an implant. I thought she would notice and ask me about the change, but she only thought I have let my beard grow.”

Another adds:

I always wanted to have a beard. It is attractive. I also wanted to have a beard when carrying out the Haj for Islamic reasons. Going to Haj with a beard is a dream come true.”

The thick moustache gives men the air of a tiger“.

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