Anorak News | Cheap pizza in America if you order it with a gun

Cheap pizza in America if you order it with a gun

by | 21st, February 2013

IF you want cheap products, order them with a massive gun in your hand. Now, most of you will be thinking ‘that’s just robbery, rather than completing a fair transaction!’, but you’ve clearly not heard about the pizza parlour in Virginia which is offering discount to customers if they are carrying a firearm.

No, seriously.

All Around Pizzas in Virginia Beach is giving customers a 15% discount on takeaways if they are openly carrying a gun (or with a concealed weapon license). Terrifyingly, since the weekend, 80% of customers have taken advantage of the deal, bringing their guns into the shop.

One mad shit waltzed in with an AK-47.

And the offer has been so successful that the owner, Jay Laze, is extending it until March. Obviously, Jay is a gun carrier too and all this is in support of America’s bizarro infatuation with the right to bear arms.

Laze told The Virginia Pilot:

“It’s been awesome, it might be permanent if people like it that much.”

If you think getting a discount on pizzas for being a gun-toting lunatic is mental enough, Laze stole the idea from an ice-cream parlour in Utah which gave a dollar off to customers carrying assault weapons.

America, you’re brilliant and all, but seriously, put the gun down… you’re making everyone nervous.


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