Anorak News | Oscar Pistorius wins bail: ‘some kind of species the world has never seen before’ (photos)

Oscar Pistorius wins bail: ‘some kind of species the world has never seen before’ (photos)

by | 22nd, February 2013

OSCAR Pistorius has spent 4 days applying to be bailed for his shooting dead of Reeva Steenkamp, his lover. If this has been a big show, just wait until the main event. He’s won bail. A reader writes:

 The Pistorius affair looks as though it may become a white athelete – black cop thing rather than an out and out temper/drug  fuelled murder of a young woman. Either way Oscar’s  finished, split and smoked like a haddock.

Magistrate Desmond Nair says the media have treated Pistorius like <em >“some kind of species the world has never seen before”.

He asks a key question: why did the accused fly into the apparent danger zone without his prosthetic legs when he had other course of action open to him? 

Why didn’t Pistorius not ascertain the whereabouts of his girlfriend?

Why didn’t he ask who was in the toilet?

Why did Pistorius venture into the danger zone – might he not have been shot? He left the danger area to get his gun. But no intruder emerged to shoot him. Pistorius then returned to the bathroom to shoot through the closed door? In all that time he never thought of his girlfriend’s whereabouts?

All the evidence is circumstantial. Only Pistorus knows for certain what happened. More will emerge. This is not the trial. The State’s case is not watertight.

But will the accused flee, destroy evidence, imperil the trial or upset the public at large? How high should bail be? Can the accused afford to forgo it? How strong is the case against him?
Will the rich, decorated white South African hero abandon his country? His career is surely over. Which brands would hire him now?  He earns 6m Rand a year. Next year, that figure will be far, far lower.
Alex Crawford @AlexCrawfordSky

OP sobbing and shaking as the magistrate repeats his friends’ words about the couple being deeply in love

Tweets Lucy Bannerman:

“Everyone piling back into courtroom ahead of bail decision. Tension racheting up. Feels like a sauna in here.”

The faces of court – in high-res photos.


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Oscar Pistorius at the launch of the BT Art of Sport in Manchester.

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