Anorak News | Heather Frost: The media erects a benefits bashing theme park in her garden

Heather Frost: The media erects a benefits bashing theme park in her garden

by | 24th, February 2013

HEATHER Frost, the Sun’s “Benefits Queen”, is the mum-of-11 living in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Having told us that Frost and her brood – plus two grandchildren and lover – are moving from their curent temporary accommodation into a new six bedroom “mansion /palace” (which turns out to an average-sized home of 1,850 square feet), we were then told that she owns a horse (a cheap mobile raw burger owned by her daughter – not borrowed from the police). The Telegraph then chipped in by telling us that Frost “splashed out on a £1,000 on an exotic parrot”.

Alice Philipson told us that Tribe Frost live with three dogs, a cat, two guinea pigs, a rabbit and a macaw.

According to an expert on parrots, the blue-and-gold bird, which is native to South America, costs around £1,000.

The expert’s name is not given. But a quick check on the web reveals that the bird can set you back a grand or more. Of course, that’s if you buy one – the price for adopting one is not provided.

Now James Beal spots a theme park in Frost’s garden.

DOLE queen Heather Frost has taken taxpayers for a ride — by hiring out a fairground carousel for her kids. The jobless mum of 11 is thought to have spent several hundred pounds to have the roundabout brought to her house.

Merry-go-round or roundabout? Does it depends on whether or not the horse gets to ride? And thought to have cost lots of money by whom? 

She then bragged to pals on Facebook about the lavish party, believed to be a present for one of her brood.


One friend said: “She was boasting about it — but then she always boasts about what she has got. They live such a good life.”

With a friend like that…

 “I don’t know where she got the money from. Us hard-working folk I expect.”

What about the ride?

The man who took the ride to Frost’s home in July 2011 confirmed it had been there for two hours. William Danter, of Billy Danter’s Fun Fair, said: “I abhor the lifestyle of people like her. Benefits should be for people who need them most.”

How much he charge for the ride? The Sun omits to mention this key fact. Having contacted the supplier, didn’t Beal ask, or was the answer not in keeping with his agenda? Was it hundreds of pounds? We’re not told. This site says children rides cost from “£250 per day”. Frost hired the ride for two hours. Did it really cost several hundred pounds?


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