Anorak News | Southwark police fail to arrest immigrant black killer for rape: at least they’re not racist

Southwark police fail to arrest immigrant black killer for rape: at least they’re not racist

by | 26th, February 2013

JEAN Say, then 62, killed his daughter and son in 2011. He cut the throats of his children Regina, eight, and Rolls, ten, in their beds. He then called his estranged wife, Antoinette, then 44, and told her: “I have killed your children. Come and get the bodies.” He was jailed for at least 30 years.

Jean Say, originally from the Ivory Coast, is back in the news.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) says its Southwark Sapphire unit “encouraged” victims to withdraw rape allegations to boost detection rates. Mr Say was accused of raping a woman. She went to the police. Her claim of rape was rejected out of hand by a detective sergeant based at Southwark. He said the woman had “consented” to sex with Say.

That was the wrong call. After Say’s arrest, Southwark’s Sapphire Unit was looked at with a keener eye. Says the Sapphire Unit on its website:

The primary role of Sapphire is the investigation of rapes and other serious sexual violence, with not only an emphasis to arrest and prosecute the perpetrator and investigate the offence to the satisfaction of victim, but just as importantly, on the care and support of victims of these crimes…

All rape victims’ experiences are different. The scars may be emotional or physical. Whatever the case all rape and sexual assault are treated seriously by the police and the victim will be treated according to their specific needs…

The police take all rape and sexual assault reports seriously. No matter who you are, how long ago the assault happened, or how it took place, the police are committed to listening, understanding and helping through this difficult time whilst always listening to and respecting your wishes.

The IPCC’s report states:

“There is no doubt from the evidence that the woman made an allegation of rape at Walworth police station which should have been believed and thoroughly investigated.”

Deputy chairwoman of the IPCC Deborah Glass notes:

“There’s no doubt this was an incredibly serious, shocking incident. We know with all the cases that we’ve dealt with that the consequences of not dealing with allegations of rape can be extremely serious.”

Say went on to kill. He was never investigated. Police never questioned him. They just told the woman that no crime had been committed.

In another case, Det Con Ryan Coleman-Farrow, who was based in Southwark, was jailed for 16 months in October last year for failing to investigate rape and sexual assault claims.

A Met Police spokesman assures us all:

“We have for some time acknowledged that previous investigation of rape and serious sexual assault in the MPS was below standard. The activities identified in this report came during that era and highlight specific issues within Southwark which resulted in unacceptable actions by local officers. It is as a result of such failings that we have made substantial changes to the investigation of rape and serious sexual assault, both in terms of structure and revised working practices.”

A woman takes the time and trouble to tell the police she has been raped. And you don’t think to investigate. The polie don’t need better working practices. They need to employ sensitive human beings.

Still, on a positive spin, at least the Metropolitan Police didn’t presume the black immigrant was guilty on sight. They”ll most likely pass that off as progress.

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