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Gerard Depardieu’s Russian travelogue in photos

by | 27th, February 2013

FRENCH actor Gerard Depardieu has relocated from France to Russia. It’s the ultimate celebrity travelogue. Stuff going down the Nile by boat with Joanna Lumley, traversing the Sahara with Ewan McGregor on a bike or Sue Johnston’s search for Shangri-La in Tibet. That charabanc of jobbing celebrities showing us the exotic through tourists’ eyes and the locals’ emotions has been smashed by Depardieu, who has set up home somewhere foreign and unusual. It turns out that the exotic and bizarre is not reached by Mylene Klass making a charity trip to the Philippines or Paul Merton buying a Pith helmet in India, but by a simple three-hour flight to Moscow.

How’s he getting along?

A Russian woman walks past a bus with a commercial billboard showing French actor Gerard Depardieu in St. Petersburg, Russia, Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013.  A star is smongst them. No, it;’s not Clooney. Not Hanks. Not even Cage. It’s that French chap who tried to get a Green Card to live in New York. Not need to pretend this time, Gerard – Putin will take anyone (and their cash)…

French actor Gerard Depardieu gestures during a press conference with Montenegro Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, in Podgorica, Montenegro, Tuesday Jan 8, 2013. In the last three days, Depardieu met with Vladimir Putin to get Russian citizenship, got a prime seat at soccer’s biggest annual gala in Switzerland and dashed off to Montenegro to eye some real estate. But in all this whirlwind travel, he didn’t manage to show up at a Paris court hearing Tuesday to face drunken driving charges because, his lawyer said, he had a vital meeting abroad for an upcoming film.

Note: drunk driving is the law in Russia. You have to do it.

French actor Gerard Depardieu speaks at the opening ceremony of the Illusion movie theater after its restoration in Moscow, Russia, Friday, Feb. 22, 2013. He’s standing before a statue of Stalin’s colon.

Grozny, Russia, Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013. President Vladimir Putin granted Depardieu Russian citizenship last month and on Saturday he got registered as a resident of the city of Saransk. He is seen with Roman Abramovich’s cousin, Milan.

In this Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013 photo French actor Gerard Depardieu smiles shortly visits museum of Akhmad Kadyrov, a war lord who switched side and became a pro-Russian leader. He’s in Chechnya’s provincial capital Grozny. Come to Grozny, they said. It will be fun.

In this Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013 frame grab made from the Associated Press video French actor Gerard Depardieu, second right, dances during a reseption, in Chechnya’s provincial capital Grozny, Russia. The local lovely is is seen ordering a taxi.

A complex where French actor Gerard Depardieu received a five bedroom flat as a gift from Ramzan Kadyrov, in Grozny on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013. Depardieu flew to Chechnya’s capital Grozny late Sunday and was treated to a lavish dinner by Ramzan Kadyrov, who has been ruling Chechnya with an iron fist since 2004. The two men also hit the dance floor for the highlander dance, known as lezginka. Mr Depardieu has no need for a watch in Mother Russia.


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