Anorak News | CCTV catches naked man, locked out of room and dealing with unhelpful humans (video)

CCTV catches naked man, locked out of room and dealing with unhelpful humans (video)

by | 27th, February 2013

CCTV cameras have caught a toe-curlingly amusing moment when one unlucky pup found himself locked outside of him hotel room with no clothes on. That’s zero clothes. Naked as the day he was born. Not even a sock to his name.

And, worse still, this poor sod finds that he’s dealing with the most unhelpful creatures on the planet – humans.

The footage starts with a clanger, as the man steps outside his room to leave a room service tray for housekeeping, and of course, the door closes and locks behind him. Like the moment you can see Ralph Wiggum’s heart break, CCTV catches the moment of awful realisation when the fella realises he can’t get back in.

Soon enough, some people walk past and thoroughly don’t help him, leaving our accidental naturist trying to look at nonchalant as possible while cupping his three lads. So unhelpful is everyone the man encounters (passers-by, a ridiculously horrified woman in a lift and a chap pretending to see something interesting out of a window), is that he has to go to the lobby.

With a metal bowl as makeshift undercrackers, he sets off to find out just how unhelpful human staff are too.

Making it to reception, where absolutely no-one offers a towel or anything to help this chap cover his modesty, the man asks for help from staff who, incredibly, ask him for some ID before he’s allowed back into his room.

You hear the man’s incredulity as he points out that he doesn’t even have pockets, let alone ID. Watch this video and switch between despair and laughing like a drain.

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