Anorak News | When Jason Manford met a stripper called Stacey she updated his Wikipedia entry

When Jason Manford met a stripper called Stacey she updated his Wikipedia entry

by | 28th, February 2013

JASON Manford, married former presenter of BBC TV’s The One Show – resigned when he was spotted ‘flirting’ with fans online – <em >”paid £60 for web sex”. The Sun reports:

TELLY’S Jason Manford exposed himself on a webcam as he paid £60 for cybersex with a stripper.

The Sun’s report contains a couple of killer lines. We meet Stacey, 22 (its says here), who appears in silhouette, fully clothed and demure. She look like one of those victims on a TV exposé, speaking from the shadows for fear of reprisals. Odd , indeed, that when Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead by Oscar Pistorius, the Sun led with a photo of her in a bikini.

Says Stacey:

“I was amazed it was him… He immediately asked me to get my boobs out… He could see me but I couldn’t see who he was. Usually punters are asking me all sorts of weird stuff to get them excited — instead he got turned on by wanting to know what TV I watched and what comedians I liked. I said, ‘Russell Howard and Jason Manford’. He seemed really pleased by that.”

How pleased, we will have to imagine. She claims Jason had exposed his “manhood“. From heron in, we will call it Russell.

“He kept asking me questions about Jason — then announced from nowhere, ‘Would you like to f*** Jason Manford?’

And which point she thought, “Yes”, and called Sun.

“He told me he WAS Jason Manford. I didn’t believe him and laughed. As we carried on messaging each other I looked him up on Wikipedia and began asking questions no one else would know.”

Stacey. Stacey… If it’s on Wikipedia, it’s stuff anyone with internet access can know.

In one breathless message to the naked stripper, Manford — dad to three girls by actress wife Catherine, 31 — leered: “U fancy being on the front page of the Sun with your tits out, lol?”

Well, Stacey, you’ll only make the Sun’s front page if you’ve been shot and ditch the raincoat. And the tits on on Page 3 – the “sleazy” sex chat lines are on Page 52. The sex cam shows are on Rupert Murdoch’s Sky channel…

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