Anorak News | Harry Styles: Not the first popstar to be hit with something on stage (video round-up)

Harry Styles: Not the first popstar to be hit with something on stage (video round-up)

by | 28th, February 2013

RECENTLY, Harry Styles of One Direction, was pelted in the wang by a stray shoe, thrown from his beloved audience. This writer himself has thrown an errant trainer at The Prodigy, missing the target (Keef) by some distance and hitting the drummer’s cymbal at Reading ’96 (if you have a recording of the show, listen out for it during Poison).

Of course, this kind of behaviour is not to be cheered at… mostly. It is wilfully stupid behaviour, but alas, is all part of the rock ‘n’ roll circus.

Some musicians get bras and drugs thrown at them, which is very nice. Most however, aren’t too pleased with what comes their way.

With that, let us look at some of the most brutal bottlings and weirdest missiles aimed toward people just trying to earn a living.

My Chemical Romance were greeted by the Reading faithful with a hail of missiles. Clearly not a popular addition to the bill.

However, MCR had NOTHING on the reception that Daphne & Celeste got when they dared to perform at the same festival in 2000. The way this pop pair dealt with the crazed animosity is probably the most oddly admirable thing to ever happen at a British festival.

Of course, sometimes these thrown objects connect, as Panic at the Disco found out when something thwacked their lead-singer on the cranium and knocked him out, cold.

So while some performers duck objects thrown at frightening speed and come out of it looking pretty steely and tough, some get gently brushed by a single plastic bottle and sulk off immediately, just like Morrissey, a man with a face longer than the chip on his shoulder. It would’ve been better if it was a cup of beef dripping.

While Mozza boo-hooed away from Liverpool, Tila Tequila went toe-to-toe with the Juggaloes at an Insane Crown Posse meet-up. She didn’t wimp off in a hurry and was pelted with everything that the Juggaloes could get their hands on… including their own faecal matter. Tila’s injuries were captured in a photograph after the show and, boy howdy, she had the nerve to take them on and has the scars to prove it.

When you’re at the top, people are their to try and knock you down. Justin Bieber was slapped by a full bottle and predictably handled it in the most professional of manners.

On a separate occasion, Bieber found himself being attacked with eggs in a strange orchestrated stunt which sadly failed for those wanting to cover the pint-sized singer in albumen. The yolk’s on them, etc.

Probably worst of the bunch was long suffering Nickelback, who found themselves being pelted with actual bricks, which saw them rightly swearily leaving the stage. Not the ‘Nickelback Rock Portugal’ headline the beleaguered outfit were hoping for, obviously.

The one that will make you want to dry-heave concerns David Bowie who, in 2004, got a lollipop thrown at him. That sounds rather affectionate and pleasant, until you find out that the lolly stick ended up lodged in his eyeball. He’s already got a dicky eye, but the pictures from the show are enough to make you puke.

Of course, some missiles end up in rock ‘n’ roll folklore, just like the stunned bat who found it was having its head bitten off by Ozzy Osbourne.

Similiarly, some mental rock fan decided Alice Cooper‘s show was missing a chicken, which Cooper promptly offered back to the audience with grisly results amidst a pillow fight.

Still, sometimes, artistes like to throw something back at the audience sometimes… just like Akon who decided the best thing to throw at the crowd was A WHOLE HUMAN BEING.

Feel free to add your own favourite/worst things thrown at bands and musicians that you’ve either seen with your own eyes or heard about.

The comments are all yours.

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