Anorak News | Woman complains about racist dog

Woman complains about racist dog

by | 28th, February 2013

GETTING bitten by a dog is no fun (yet, those mad berks who work for the police actively run across fields, taunting attack-dogs to have a go at their arms!), but is it less fun if that dog that bites you is a massive racist?

One lady has complained that the dog which chewed her daughter is indeed, a racist.

Let us look at the evidence. Pam Nkosi of Johannesburg, South Africa (the dog is looking pretty racist so far) said a bull terrier (yup, it looks pretty damning thus far) ran into her garden and bit her seven-year-old while she played with other children.

“I feel that the dog is racist,” Ms Nkosi reportedly said. “The way it behaved. It shows that it was not familiar with other races.”

The report, sadly for the sake of evidence, didn’t say whether Ms Nkosi’s daughter was a different race from the other children (that would’ve been the case slamming closed right there).

Ms Nkosi continued, saying that the dog’s owner, Sean Norman, didn’t even bother visiting her after the attack and hasn’t offered an apology or any compensation for hospital bills. Animal welfare inspector Tarryn Smith didn’t want to comment on this particular case, but did say that “domestic animals behave differently because of their upbringing”.

So the dog might not be racist, but it is a violent idiot, which is certainly believable. That’s because only a violent dog would run in and bite a child and ALL dogs are idiots because they eat their own faeces and run into patio doors and the like. We’ve all seen You’ve Been Framed.

Warrant Officer Karen Jacobs said: “The investigating officer is currently obtaining statements after which the case docket will be handed in for a decision at the Roodepoort magistrate’s court.”

So what do you think? Racist dog or not?

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