Anorak News | Sexist adverts: Burger Urge women lick his raw meat

Sexist adverts: Burger Urge women lick his raw meat

by | 1st, March 2013

HOW would you promote beef as delicious food?  If you’re Burger Urge, you dress a cow in top hat and monocle, and have a model lick its leathery face. The slogan orders customers to “Get Intimate with our new Premium Beef”. Nothing is sex. Last week we brought news of a woman having sex with a tiger.  Another mated with a squid. Dogs are common partners. You can read our report on other things humans have had sex with, our favourite being the fence.

Sex with a bull is no big deal. The Australian Advertising Standards Board has rejected a claim that the advert is “loathsome, sick, wrong and perverted”. The thing is one step away from a sheep, an animal that’s practically a sex training aide in Western Australia.

The plaintiff was Australian Christian Lobby state director Wendy Francis, who thunders: ”It’s definitely a sexual sort of image. It says ‘get intimate’ so we’re not talking about a pet thing. The cow is dressed up as a man… people should not have to see] a woman making love to a cow.”

How many Australian men dress like that, even the ones practically blind in one eye? Also, describing kissing as “making love” is as old fashioned as the monocle. If I were a punter thinking of eating at Burger Urge, I’d wonder how old the meat was, and if the beat’s bad eyesight was symptomatic of illness?

PS – ouf course, the advert is sexist bollocks. But it’s not as good at it as these and these.


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