Anorak News | Who torched the Jesus scarecrow of Billericay?

Who torched the Jesus scarecrow of Billericay?

by | 1st, March 2013

WHO torched the scarecrow on the cross in Billericay, Essex? Our guess would be the Scarecrow Klu Klux Klan. Someone could care to ask the “mother” who told the local paper:

“I think it’s incredibly distasteful and it is making fun of Jesus. I drove past the scarecrow with my daughter and she said, ‘Look, Mummy, there’s a man on a cross’ – I don’t think she should see that. It’s an unmistakable crucifix and it’s making a mockery out of my religion.

David Finkle, general manager at Barleylands Farm Park and Craft Village, responded to the criticism:

“He doesn’t have hands or feet with nails through them, he’s made of bailer twine… he is complete with raffia hair which changes in the wind. I want to bring children’s learning to life and I made the scarecrow so people knew about the Books, Cooks and Scarecrow week we’re holding. Kids can make scones from scratch and then go out and make their own scarecrows.”

[Insert scone the crows joke here.]

Finkle adds:

“We rolled in to work to see the scorched, blackened remains and our hearts sank – we’re bitterly disappointed. All that remained was the plastic used to stuff the scarecrow’s head and the wooden cross made from a telegraph pole.”

And then a breeze came and made the plastic head rise into the air…again. And we understood.

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