Anorak News | Indian motorcyclist women are much, much harder than you

Indian motorcyclist women are much, much harder than you

by | 5th, March 2013

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PEOPLE who ride motorbikes think they’re pretty tough, waddling around in their leather romper suits and Street Hawk crash helmets, doing 23mph down the road with ‘Born To Be Wild’ playing in their heads.

The freedom of the road! The constant terror that you might fall over and scratch that lovely paintwork! Motorcycling! It is like riding a car, but colder!

However, some people who ride motorbikes are much tougher than others. No, we’re not talking about the Hell’s Angels here… we’re talking about Indian ladies.

CCTV footage shows a hard-as-nails woman riding her motorcycle with no helmet, no protective gear or anything that might save her in her time of need… like the time a whole truck ran over her.

You heard. The Indian lady was knocked off her bike, dragged under the truck and spat out wearing little more than a sari, while she was riding in Nagpur.

The truck driver whacks into her, accelerates and upends her bike, leaving her for dead.

But this woman was tough. She didn’t die. She didn’t even cry. She didn’t even have a moment of calm to make sure she was alright. This magnificent specimen did a forward roll and sets off on foot, chasing the lorry, despite having seen the underside of it.

We are truly wimps in comparison. Watch the video below of the remarkable footage.

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