Anorak News | Operation Elveden: Ex-police officer guilty of telling on John Terry’s mum

Operation Elveden: Ex-police officer guilty of telling on John Terry’s mum

by | 8th, March 2013

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ALAN Tierney was a police constable with Surrey police who sold information about Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood and Chelsea footballer John Terry’s mother to the Sun in 2009. He earned £1,750. Terry’s mother, Sue Terry, had been cautioned on suspicion of shoplifting (clothes). Wood had been involved with a fracas with his then Russian lover, Ekaterina Ivanova.

He has since left the force.Also, former prison officer Richard Trunkfield also sold stories, reportedly about a high profile prisoner in 2010.

He has left his job.

(Is this why the News of the World was nicknamed The News of The Screws?)

Was it worth it? For a phone call or two, £1,750 is good money. But careers have been ended. The two men will most likely go to prison.

But is it even about them? Isn’t Operation Elveden a purge on the press and the police’s relationship about the police working a high-profile campaign to look relevant, trusty and upstanding. If the tabloid press can let them do that, then the cops will go for it with relish…

Note: The Sun  leader:

“A very senior policeman has been arrested by detectives on suspicion not of taking bribes but of simply talking — yes, TALKING — to a journalist. But hold on. This isn’t China or Russia or Zimbabwe. This is Britain. If you are running the country, Mr Cameron — and we have to assume you still are — was this on your instructions?”

Indeed, the police statement told us:

“[Elveden’s] remit to date has been into allegations of inappropriate payments to police and public officials. Today’s arrest, however, relates to the suspected release of confidential information but not alleged payment.”

Arrested for talking to journalists.

Worrying times…

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