Anorak News | Gun drawn in Jordan’s parliament (Video)

Gun drawn in Jordan’s parliament (Video)

by | 8th, March 2013

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SCRAPS in overseas parliaments are much, much better than the ones we have in England. You see politicians knocking each other out, jumping on desks and shouting ’til their veins burst. In the Commons, you just get a bunch of posh blokes posing at each other and seeing who can piss the highest.

Over in Jordan, parliament had to be stopped when a ruckus broke out MPs yesterday.

MP Zeid Al-Shawabkeh yelled at Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour, telling him in no uncertain terms that he thought he was a corrupt swine. Then, a second MP called Shadi Al-Adwan got involved and all of a sudden, it all went off.

However, this wasn’t just a bog-standard bit of pagga. Al-Adwan, at one point, clearly reaches for his gun. In fact, he reaches for it on a number of occasions.

Imagine Ed Balls reaching for his revolver and trying to stick it in the face of Gove? BBC Parliament would actually have half-decent ratings!

“You’re not allowed to carry guns inside the parliament, it’s recorded on cameras,” shouted one MP inside the room.

Watch the scrap here and dream of a day when English politicians even slightly look like they give a monkeys about what they’re talking about.

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