Anorak News | Vengeful woman kept names of Jimmy Savile’s BBC paedophile ‘ring’ in her autograph book

Vengeful woman kept names of Jimmy Savile’s BBC paedophile ‘ring’ in her autograph book

by | 10th, March 2013

jimmy savile essexIN “REVENGE OF SAVILE VICTIM”, the Express introduces us to Leisha Brookes, 45. She claims to have been abused by the late Sir Jimmy Savile, Papal Knight, NHS ward wallah, BBC stalwart and keeper of those Princess Diana secrets. And her revenge is to…

a) Dig up Savile and beat him with sticks?
b) Have cigars rebranded as ‘Peado Sticks’?
c) Firebomb the London Marathon?
d) Murder everyone with the surname Savile
e) Refuse to pay her TV licence

Yep, it’s (f). Says she:

“No matter what you fine me, I am not going to give a penny to my ­abusers from the BBC. I cannot pay the BBC or anyone connected with it.”

Brookes claims she was “abused repeatedly by up to 35 men including Savile over a two-year period while ­visiting the BBC TV headquarters in White City, west London.”

She says the abuse was coordinated by a BBC cameraman and occurred between the ages of 9 and 11. We are then told:

She had been fined three times by courts over the past seven years for failing to have a TV licence, previously blaming “personal reasons” for her refusal to pay. However, she finally found the courage to disclose the real reason after making a formal complaint to police last year about her abuse at the tele­vision studios.

Had she only have spoken when Savile were alive.

Stood in the dock at Colchester Magistrates Court, she speaks:

Leisha Brooks: “I have other reasons for not buying a TV licence which I want the court to hear.”

Court clerk: “If they are political, we can’t hear them.”

LB: “I have always refused to buy a TV licence because I was one of the children that was sexually abused at the BBC.”

She says the cameraman was picked up for allegedly abusing another child. She says that when he introduced her to Savile, the DJ “stank“. He signed her autograph book.

And then she claims to have met others:

“Some were in shirts and ties and others were dressed casually like cameramen or technicians. They would sit me on their knees and ­wiggle me about… Everywhere I went, people signed my autograph book. A lot of people who abused me asked to look at it. Now I believe they wanted to see the names in it and thought, ‘Well if he can get away with it, so can I’.”

Whose names are in the book?

“It has left me personally damaged. Now I have a personality disorder. My life has been one disaster to another and I have had multiple suicide attempts. I can’t trust anybody and some days I can’t even get dressed and open my curtains. I have good days but then something will bring it all back. My children went into care years ago. I have not seen them for 10 years.”

All very depressing. and all a bit odd. She’s told her story to the police running Operation Yewtree, the investigation into historical child abuse.

But the only facts the Express can corroborate are that the alleged victim was fined £50 with a surcharge of £20, and given her 28 days to pay.

As a story of “revenge” goes, it’s hopeless. And it might get more pathetic still. Says she:

“I would rather go to jail than give the BBC a penny. It’s like they were complicit in abusing me and then they are billing me for it.”

Such are the facts.

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