Anorak News | Pupils not allowed on Welsh bus without proof of believing in Jesus: no Muslims, Jews and Jedis allowed

Pupils not allowed on Welsh bus without proof of believing in Jesus: no Muslims, Jews and Jedis allowed

by | 11th, March 2013

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RELIGION isn’t inherently bad. It is, however, filled with bad representatives and too much middle management. If you’ve read the Bible, you’ll see that Jesus thought the same. Alas, no Christian is ever going to listen to everything he says in a bid to interpret his words in the way that best suits them.

Such a shame.

Either way, there’ll be more hubbub around Christianity after a schools in Wales brought in a frankly preposterous rule which states that pupils will now have to show a baptism certificate if they want free school transport.

This ruling will require students to provide a letter from a priest or another form of “suitable evidence of adherence to the faith of the school”.

And this isn’t one crackpot school. 12 places of learning will be falling under this ruling and, of course, there are people who are rather unhappy about what’s happening in Flintshire, North Wales. Local parents and Roman Catholic priests have accused the council of discriminating against individuals without religious faith.

Get that? The Catholics think this is immoral! Jesus wept, indeed!

Greg Pope, deputy director of the Catholic education Service for England and Wales, has spoken out saying that this year’s financial settlement “has been difficult” with “tough decisions” being made. However, he added that he hopes councils “will stand by their obligations to support home-to-school transport”.

A council statement said:

“Like all councils, Flintshire County Council is under considerable pressure to make savings on its public spending. As a result, the council has had to look at every aspect of its work, especially where it is not compulsory for us to provide services and to consider how they can be delivered more efficiently and cost effectively.”

Now, just imagine the reaction from the tabloid press if you had a similar situation regarding free-transport and absolutely anything to do with Islam. They’d be screaming blood from their keyboards wouldn’t they?

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