Anorak News | Kim Kardashian injects her face with blood

Kim Kardashian injects her face with blood

by | 11th, March 2013

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KIM KARDASHIAN’S face is retaining blood. Life & Style reports that she’s been having a Vampire Facelift:

“It was crazy,” a pal of Kim’s tells Life & Style about her vampire lift, which was done in Miami. “The doctor took the blood from Kim’s arm and spun it [in a centrifuge] to separate the platelets. The blood was then rubbed onto Kim’s face. After that, they did something called ‘needling,’ where all these little needles prick the skin and let the platelets seep in. It was so gross!”

It’s pretty much how hormonal Twilight fans make a lemon drizzle cake. If blood doesn’t work, ‘sources say’ Kim will look to try injecting her face with: Ronseal, Oprah Winfrey, Liz Jones’s socks or baby sick.

It’s around $1000 a pop, so a bit pricey for some of Kim’s fans, who will be forced to replicate the bloody-faced look by following Joey Barton on a night out, making friends with heroin addicts, sticking their face in a black pudding and visiting old stately homes to sniff the ‘period features’.

PS, as D-listed puts it: “There’s no way that Kim used her own blood, because she doesn’t have any blood. Kim had all of the blood lipoed from her veins years ago, because she thought all that blood made her look fat.” 


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